Chantal Poirier

Chantal Poirier is a Montreal based artist working with mixed media to create her paintings and collages.

After several years of working as a designer, she decided to pick up her brushes where she had left them a few years after completing her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at Laval University.

Chantal Poirier finds her inspiration in her numerous trips around the world, as well as in her passion for typography and photography.

Her artistic approach consists in developing a personal language, a particular way of playing with amalgams of motifs, colors and images from which the finished work results.

Like artifacts from another time, another civilization. Chantal Poirier creates works that play with our reference points. The viewer questions the representation, the design, its essence.  What is it?  What is the purpose of this instrument?  Why an eye, a wing, a leg?

She creates fantastic stories and the spectator is challenged to invent the continuation of the story in his head.

The abstractions that Chantal Poirier constructs lead us to amusement, to the recognition of signs, to the identification of landmarks.

The anecdotes she tells in her works are lively and invigorating, they constitute her poetry in images.

When she starts a painting, she has no preconceived idea of the final result, she does not know what direction the painting may take. She is open to all possibilities, mixtures and colors.

She likes to compose, cut, tear up, layer and glue in her mixed media paintings/collages.

Creating is a vital need for Chantal Poirier, like a mission.

Like breathing…